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Everyone talks about Google reviews, but have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about? 

Google reviews are public comments and ratings left by users on Google that showcase their experiences with a particular business and its products or services.

In a nutshell: Google reviews are a means for your customers to provide a potential feedback loop for your business.

Yet, at the same time, also unlike any other reviews.

Google reviews are found on Google Maps and your Google Business Profile listing. These recommendations—or warnings in some cases—position customers with helpful information regarding your business, before they visit or make a purchase.

The major difference between Google and other review platforms like Yelp is that Google directly influences your search engine ranking and visibility on Google.

In essence, getting more reviews directly results in better rankings on Google.

Why are business reviews important?

Why do reviews matter?

In general, reviews and customer feedback provides you with key customer data for your business.

Without customer reviews, how do you know when your business is doing something right—or even something wrong?

Reviews provide valuable information for making informed adjustments to your business, and your products or services.

That’s why both positive reviews and negative reviews are both crucial to your success as a business because both positively boost your search ranking.

Sure, it goes without saying that good reviews inform what you're are doing right. 

But, bad reviews? 

Are a critical Voice of Customer (VoC) data for making adjustments to your products or services.

Reviews also provide social proof to your customers and potential customers. According to Google’s consumer insights, 53% of shoppers say they always do research before making a purchasing decision.

Why are Google reviews important?

According to a statistic by Statista, Google searches counted for more than 84% of all recorded internet search traffic. 

That’s a lot.

Since the majority of the internet’s traffic funnels through Google, it becomes a no-brainer to increase your local search ranking.

Google reviews directly impact your local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—and more importantly: your Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). 

Want to know more about why Google reviews are important? Read our article on it.

What’s a Google Business Profile listing?

As a business owner you can set up a Google Business Profile page (GBP), through your Google account. A GBP listing serves as a first point of contact for a potential customer. The listing allows you to control your business information like:

  • Business name
  • Hours of operation
  • Business description
  • Location
  • Contact methods (phone number and email address), and
  • Your website

As a business, your GBP listing is a key part of your online presence. Make sure you take your GBP listing into consideration when crafting your digital marketing strategy.

So how do Google reviews work?

At its core, a Google review isn’t really different from other online reviews from other review sites.

Similar to others, it offers your customer a chance to rank your business and to share their customer experience with your business—and other potential customers. 

Again, similar to other review platforms, Google reviews are completed through simple steps and give you valuable information like any.

That’s basically where the comparisons end.

The key difference with Google reviews is the direct impact on your search rankings. 

Google’s algorithm likes to see local businesses getting consistent reviews from their customers.

The end result?

Increased reviews indicate to Google that you are an active place of business, and it shows that your customers are engaged with your brand.

Google reviews are easy

Google reviews, with the added help of Taptik, simplify the review process. Not to mention: it simplifies the steps and provides a faster—more immediate—customer experience.

In 2022, Google had 1.8 billion active Gmail users. That’s a lot of existing accounts. With Google reviews, your customers don’t need to make new accounts because they likely already have one.

There is a non-exhaustive list of review platforms out there, such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, TrustPilot. 

Each of these platforms requires users to have their own unique accounts. Some of them will even directly link to a person’s Google account.

The bottom line? 

Most of your customers won’t need to create a new account to leave you a Google review. 

And they don’t need to be present on all those platforms either.

Review response is easy

Thanks to your GBP listing, you are now able to respond to customer reviews in a more timely fashion. By directly responding to customer reviews as soon as they appear, you quickly control your online reputation.

And as a by-product, naturally control your brand narrative at the same time.

Engaging with your customer feedback provides an organic feedback loop, leads to happy customers and create a loyal base of of brand ambassadors.

And, as an added advantage? 

You remove any fake reviews by submitting them to Google’s Business Profile team for review.

With your business account, you can quickly thank customers who leave positive reviews, and directly respond to customers with a bad review.

Remember, someone providing you feedback on their negative experience with your business is a good thing. It gives you the necessary insight to make changes and increase the chance for better search rankings.

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