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Google reviews are extremely helpful when it comes to improving your local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

As a business owner, it provides you and your team with valuable customer feedback. Reviews produce important voice of customer data that can help influence your business decisions.

More Google reviews leads to better local search rankings.

Both positive reviews and negative reviews contribute in good ways to your Google search ranking because it boosts organic search at no extra cost.

Now all you’ve got to do is ask for Google reviews

What goes into asking for a Google review?

It’s important to keep a few things in mind when asking for a Google review:

  1. Timing is important: wait until the customer satisfaction peaks and they are done with their experience before asking for a review.

  2. Make it easy: provide a direct link to your Google review page—the less clicks the better—like using Taptik.

  3. Personalize the request: mention the customer's name and recent experience to remind them of their positive experience with your business.

  4. Thank them: express your appreciation for their business, and let them know how much you value their feedback.

One golden rule is making the review experience about the customer. Reviews are as much about the customer as they are about your business.

With Taptik you can 10x your Google reviews with just a tap.

How to use Taptik to ask for Google reviews

Asking a customer to leave a review and then adding additional steps is so 2018.

Welcome to the new normal.

Taptik cards make the review getting process easier.

Asking for customer reviews is all done with a quick tap thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

NFCs make for a seamless experience just like everyday tap payments because it works directly with your customers’ smartphone.

As a restaurant owner, you can ask for reviews when passing off the billfold.

It makes asking for online reviews a cinch and becomes a natural part of the payment process.

Or, maybe you are a trades contractor. Taptik is a seamless way to ask for a Google review immediately after a service job and just before you’re about to head out the door.

A quick Google review with a Taptik card positively impacts your ranking factor.

All things being equal, good reviews and bad reviews impact your online reputation and your likelihood to pop-up in searches increases.

Thanks to Taptik’s quick and easy tap process, you eliminate the awkward QR code interaction with customers. With one tap to rule them all, the card directly sets up your Google review link on a customer’s phone. its immediacy effect means you can know your customer’s experience within minutes.

Consider adding Taptik to your marketing strategy.

How to follow up on your business reviews

Google reviews live within your Google My Business profile. Setup your Google account as the owner of your Google business listing.

Remember, potential customers are using reviews to see if they should support your local business or not.

Keep your business listing up to date.

Continuously review your Google My Business account—preferably on a weekly basis.

Timely messaging matters, so respond to Google reviews as quickly as possible—preferably within 24 hours. If you have capacity, aim for closer to within a few hours.

Providing good customer support is key to a successful business.

Knowing what your customer’s experience is positions you with the ability to manage potential negative reviews in real-time. Customer testimonials are clear indicators of what works—and what doesn’t work.

And, ultimately, how to adjust.

An increase in Google reviews leads to more than positive reviews overall.

Positive reviews also leads to new customers and creates a feedback loop of happy customers.

Encourage your customers to be a part of your business by providing valuable feedback.

It does more than create and foster a community. Doing so will create loyal customers.

And, it will improve your social proof on your Google business page

How to use an email template to get Google reviews

There may be some customers who need more time to leave a review. It’s never a bad idea to follow up with them in an email.

It often adds a personal touch as a small business to reach out.

Try using this helpful template for a follow-up review request email :

"Hi [customer's name],

We hope you enjoyed your experience with us and wanted to follow-up with you.

Your feedback is extremely important to us and we would be grateful if you could take a moment to leave a Google review.

It's quick and easy, just follow this link [insert link to Google review page].

Thank you again for choosing our business, we truly appreciate your support.


[Your name]"

Even better, when you sign up for Taptik, you get a custom taptik.pro link to send to your customers. It's much more approachable than the standard autogenerated Google reviews link!

Taptik cards might be our bread and butter but helping you get Google reviews is our priority.

Add Taptik to your email marketing and watch as you 10x your Google reviews.


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